Refrigerated and Heating Circulators

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Refrigerated and Heating Circulators


The most important feature of the Labo B (Big) series circulators is that they have a very large internal usage area.

Alpha 1-2 LDplus - Standard (LDplus)

C SERIES (Compact)

The Labo C series models are preferred for general -purpose production, R&D and quality control processes because of their practical structure.
Alpha 1-4 LDplus - Standard (LDplus)

P SERIES (Professional)

P (Professional) series circulators are advanced models with liquid level warning system and better temperature stability.

Alpha 2-4 LDplus - Standard (LDplus)

S SERIES (Short)

These models are, contrary to conventional thin-long bath structure, have wide-short appearance.

Beta 1-8 LDplus - Standard (LDplus)

H SERIES (Heater)

H (Heater) series circulators have only heating feature and are used to work between at room temperature (can be +5 °C) and 250 °C.

Beta 2-8 LDplus - Standard (LDplus)